Survival Rate after Diagnosis of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a new form of cancer induced by asbestos in lungs,heart and abdomen.Anyhow if anybody inhales the particles of asbestos,they stick to the external lining of internal organs and induce cancer there.This is very complicated form of cancer because it reaches to advanced stage until the patient comes to know about his illness.Therefore,it has very less survival rate.Studies on mesothelioma survival rate have shown that only one person survive out of ten after diagnosed with the disease till three years and only one person survive till five years out of twenty after diagnosed with this new form of cancer.

Symptoms of this cancer do not appear till 40 to 45 years after being infected with asbestos and therefore,the average age of the people diagnosed with this disease is 61 years.The major problem with the diagnosis of mesothelioma is that,its symptoms are similar to other respiratory diseases and therefore,it takes long to declare a person suffering with this life threatening disease.This all leads it to less survival rate.This is called life threatening because still no permanent cure could be found for it.There are some treatments but,they just can extend the life of the patient.

Some factors on which survival rate of mesothelioma is based on are- the size of the tumor, stage in which the patient is,the quantity of fluid in the abdomen and chest,duration it took to diagnose the disease,and whether the tumor can surgically be removed completely or not.Still the studies are being performed on this disease and a permanent treatment to increase the survival rate of the patients.The treatments known to this disease are very expensive but they can be made affordable by asking for compensation money.For that a lawyer,good at pleading for mesothelioma is to be found.Lawyer helps to get more and more amount as compensation money.Therefore,after coming to know about disease not only a doctor but also a lawyer should be contacted to get the amount and compensation you deserve.

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