Propecia - the Hair Loss Recovery Drug

It is not news lots of men lose hair.Fortunately for them,there is a treatment that will definitely improve the situation for the better.This drug is called Propecia.Propecia is a prescription medicine that has been licensed for the cure of the problem regarding male pattern baldness.Women and children are not recommended to use it.

Hair loss factors:There are a few causes that could lead to hair loss for men and women.Genetics genetic baldness (baldness that "runs in the family") is usually due to the male pattern baldness gene.Hormones many different hormones,including testosterone and thyroid hormone,have an effect on hair loss.Medications hair loss is a common side effect of many medications.Cancer treatment chemotherapy and radiation can cause hair loss.Infections there are some temporary infections can cause hair loss.Pregnancy it is common to start losing hair after giving birth.How Propecia Works Propecia works by blocking the enzyme Type II 5a-reductase.This enzyme is responsible for converting the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).DHT is the hormone most related to male pattern baldness. By decreasing DHT levels,Propecia helps to stop hair loss related to male pattern baldness.Propecia is not a savior for baldness,and hair loss is known to return within a year of stopping Propecia.So if you want to "keep it" on your head advice your doctor about the use of the drug for a long period of time.

Propecia and Kids:Most of the time doctors do not advice parents to treat their kids with Propecia.They warn the latter about the risks and affection of certain hormones.The drug might not be worth the trouble gotten later on.Order Propecia: If you don't have enough time to run around the pharmacies looking for a good deal on Propecia,there are many online pharmacy stores that could save you time and provide you with the same service.The major thing here is to find a good trustworthy online store.Mainly patients stay satisfied with this type of option.

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