What are the Main Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

The pharmaceutical industry tries to sell you a basic idea - the idea that everything that goes wrong with you can be cured if you buy the right pill.Unfortunately this has never been, and never will be, true. The human mind is a complicated piece of equipment and, if there is a psychological problem, ordinary pills are useless. In the case of erectile dysfunction (ED), there are a number of different psychological and relationship issues that may have to be resolved before normal sexual activity can be resumed. Yet, the average doctor will concentrate on the biology and ignore the psychology.There are two reasons for this. There are impressive lab tests that justify fee income and can produce black-and-white results in ruling in, or eliminating, diseases and disorders.This can take money while making everyone in the healthcare industry look professionally competent. Secondly, many doctors are embarrassed if they have to start talking to their patients about sex. It burns up time and, unless the doctor has specific expertise, often produces poor outcomes (except, of course, in the size of the bill).

The last thirty years has seen a steady sexual revolution.You see this in a greater acceptance of feminism and the notion of gender equality.The woman's right to choose also shows in the increasing use of oral contraceptives.Before the ED medications came on the market,counselors talked couples through their relationship problems. When the little blue pill appeared, everything when back to biology.Except the drugs do not cure relationship problems. Rightly or wrongly, many men have fixed ideas about how sex is supposed to happen.If something disturbs this, "my way or the highway" approach, this loss of control causes stress and ED appears. Often, the men affected are failing to match up to myths.They are the victims of misinformation.

Put simply, if men are not getting any satisfaction out of sex with their partners, they will avoid situations where sex can occur. The stress will be increased if there is another possible partner, or the men are interested in fetishes but afraid to mention them, or worried about their sexual orientation.A man who has lost interest in sex with his partner, for whatever reason, will find drugs of little help.But, if the underlying relationship is sound, the best of the three ED drugs to take is levitra. It may well be necessary for the couple to go through therapy to resolve their personal issues but, with the support of medication, sexual activity may be restarted. This will require courage because, probably for the first time, the man will have to talk openly about his life, his work, his fears and how he thinks his sex life should run. Hopefully, his partner will be supportive during this time.It is counterproductive to be demanding and expect that, if you buy levitra, everything will be better.Sex is more than producing an erection. It is about your mood and confidence in the relationship.Getting into that mood is the challenge.

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