Younger men and impotence: concern for doctors and parents

Traditionally male impotence or erectile dysfunction is regarded as a condition that affects older men.However,younger males can also suffer from this disease.Younger men who encounter such issues are prone to using impotence drugs such as Viagra in a much more chaotic manner,as s new study concludes,sometimes in conjunction with alcohol or street drugs,raising the risk of obtaining and spreading sexually transmitted diseases.Thought at present the exact numbers of younger males using impotence drugs is unknown,the studies that have included 234 sexually active men between 18 and 25 years of age (students of three major Chicago universities) have reported that the use of such drugs is a quite common practice among young adults and teenagers in the US.

The study revealed the fact,that about 13 percent of study participants have reported having problems with gaining or maintaining an erection over certain periods of time (this is a clinical definition of erectile dysfunction).When asked about condom use,about 25 percent of tsese men have confessed having problems with erection while wearing a condom.They have also stated having multiple sexual partners during the last year while not wearing a condom.This,of course,raises the likelihood of obtaining STDs.About 6 percent of the study subjects have said about trying impotence medications, with 57 using them to cope with erection problems and about 29 percent for improving sexual performance.

The fact that arouses concern is that most of younger men, who have taken part in the study,have confessed using medications such as Cialis and other ED drugs in conjunction with street substances like marijuana,alcohol,ecstasy,cocaine and methamphetamine.In this way these men have said to be able having sex in non-typical situations,lowering their inhibitions.Such behavior is definitely affecting the likelihood of getting STDs or undesired pregnancies.More than half of men have said that they didn't get Viagra or Cialis from a doctor, but from friends or Internet drugstores where no prescription is required.For both doctors and parents, this should be a serious concern, because using such drugs without a proper medical analysis of the patient, and moreover mixing them with recreational substances may pose a great hazard to the young adult's health.Doctors agree that this is a very risky situation.

The effects on sexual performance provided by these drugs to young men are quite doubtful.The maximum benefit they may take from this practice is having more sexual intercourses of a short period of time.But what really is important is that these drugs are being mixed with other substances that may alter the effects from ED pills and actually increase the risk of experiencing negative side-effects.The altered state of consciousness brought by recreational drugs may lead to less careful sexual encounters,which,paired with increased sexual drive and abilities,can result in undesired intimacy,STDs and pregnancies.If a young man is experiencing troubles with sexual performance or erection it is highly recommended to visit a doctor and discuss the situation with a professional,rather than using ED drugs without proper information,and moreover mixing them with other substances.

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