How does your lifestyle influence on your sex life?

It's the easiest thing in the world to say that the way you live your life affects the quality of your life.All kinds of judgements come into play.There can be unkind comments about couch potatoes who endlessly eat junk food and never exercise.There can be medical commentaries about health risks.Some stories about people can be inspiring,others depressing.There are as many approaches to this issue as there are articles to write.Yet,there are some facts that cannot be denied.All the people who are overweight have an increased risk of diabetes,high blood pressure and heart disease.Smokers have an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.Worse, many people who have unhealthy lifestyles are seriously penalized as victims of discrimination work opportunities are more limited,life insurance premiums are significantly higher,and so on.Yet there are no remedies for this discrimination because having an unhealthy lifestyle is not a disability like losing a leg in an accident.It's a choice people make.

Ignoring the physical difficulties of sexual intimacy when the partners are significantly overweight,those who run into diabetes or heart disease will find all sexual activity restricted.Add in the effects of smoking and the risk to sexual function rises dramatically.A recent non-scientific survey into sexual health looked at the relationship between lifestyle and erectile dysfunction.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collect information about the rates of obesity,diabetes and smoking across the US.All these correlate to erectile dysfunction.The research team then examined data about exercise habits,discovered how many urologists were employed by hospitals in each city,and collected the data on the number of prescriptions written for erectile dysfunction drugs.

The results confirm that more prescriptions are written in southern cities where the rates of obesity are higher and people exercise less.In fact,Tulsa in Oklahoma came out as the least healthy city with the highest rate of prescriptions written.Northern cities like Boston and New York which have active campaigns to promote healthy eating, ban the use of trans fat in all cooked food outlets, and extensive bans on smoking in public places,have the lowest rates of prescriptions written.The study is unscientific because not all prescriptions written are ever converted into drugs,and many people use the internet to buy cialis and the other erectile dysfunction drugs without a prescription.Nevertheless,the results are interesting and match common sense expectations.The message is clear.Both generally and in relation to sexual health, men improve their performance if they lose weight,quit smoking and start exercising on a regular basis.The risk of serious diseases reduces as weight falls and nicotine clears from the system.But if people ignore the risks,continue smoking and eat too much,they are likely to find themselves using cialis at a young age and losing their sexual potency in their middle age.It's hard to understand why anyone would make the deliberate choice to risk disease and lose sex.

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