Why You Should Stop Smoking

The US Court of Appeals in Washington unanimously found that the leading tobacco companies were guilty of fraud because of the way they've chosen to advertise their brands of cigarettes.For too long,consumers have been seeing the magic words,"low tar","mild" or "light" on the packaging and exterior ads.This suggests that these cigarettes are somehow safer than "ordinary" cigarettes.In reality,all versions are equally dangerous because the nicotine is not only addictive,but also causes cancers and other potentially terminal diseases.To make the fraud more serious,the manufacturers privately agreed among themselves not to compare the safety of the different brands.They even agreed to lie about the dangers of second-hand smoke even though passive smoking is recognized as equally dangerous in other countries.You may ask why this is relevant to an article on erectile dysfunction.The answer is that one of the less well known effects of nicotine is to constrict the arteries.No matter how fit and healthy the smoker,every cigarette raises the blood pressure because the heart must work harder to keep the blood circulating.

If the arteries leading into the penis will not dilate properly,there will be no erection.Simple fact,isn't it?Smokers are significantly more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than non-smokers.But there is a further issue.The arteries in the penis are only a fraction the size of the arteries that pass through the lungs to the heart.The damage to the blood vessels that first appears as erectile dysfunction can turn into angina and heart disease as time passes.Arteries are arteries no matter which part of the body they pass through.So if the muscle walls are hardening in one part,this will spread to other parts.Indeed,research shows that smokers are more likely to have heart diseases.All doctors were sent a medical advisory in 2006 which instructed them to deal with all men reporting erectile dysfunction as actual heart patients until the contrary is proved.This is a vital first warning symptom and a quick intervention with a change of lifestyle and treatment can restore health to the blood vessels and relieve the problem of erectile dysfunction.So the moral of this story is to get your doctor to check you out before you buy levitra or something else.Self-treatment in this instance is not a wise move.

Levitra is not only approved as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.The FDA has also approved its use as a treatment for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,i.e.to reduce the blood pressure in the arteries passing through the lungs by dilating the arterial walls.But here comes the problem.Once the arteries start to harden,they will continue to do so unless you quit smoking.The first symptom is loss of sexual function.Then come all the heart diseases you know.If you quit smoking early enough, start to eat a healthy diet and exercise,the arteries will return to normal,your sex life will be great and you will enjoy a healthy old age.But nicotine is an addictive substance.It's hard to quit.This leaves the middle course.Those who cannot quit use levitra.This restores sexual function in most men for a reasonable number of years and delays the onset of heart disease.But this is only a delay and it forgets the other problem.If you are still smoking,the cancer may get you before the heart disease.So the best,all-round advice is to quit smoking ignoring all misleading labelling and marketing that some cigarettes are safer than others.No matter what it takes,give it up and enjoy a good quality of life including sexual activity into retirement.

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