Smoking is bad for your sexual health

Thanks to the pictures that have been added to cigarette packets in many parts of the world,it's impossible for smokers to avoid understanding that smoking causes cancer.Yet the tobacco industry continues to sell high volumes of cigarettes and other products that allow people to smoke or consume nicotine.Once people are addicted to the nicotine,they seem to care very little about what happens to their health.Everything is sacrificed for the pleasure of the drug once it hits the brain. Yet,cancer is only one of the dangers smoke brings to you.An equally important side effect of nicotine is that it's a vasoconstrictor, causes blood vessels to constrict, making the heart to pump harder and increasing the blood pressure.If people smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day,there is a serious risk this will develop into arteriosclerosis,a permanent hardening of the arteries,and ultimately lead to heart disease.

The main physical cause of impotence is the arteries leading into the penis do not dilate or,having dilated,then constrict before sexual activity is over.Nicotine constricts the arteries,that's why smokers are significantly more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who have never smoked.There is,however,some moderately good news.If you are not a heavy smoker and you quit while reasonably young,the walls of your arteries will slowly begin to resume normal activity.But if you delay quitting until arteriosclerosis has set in,there is no remedy.The erectile dysfunction is likely to be permanent even if you quit.There is further news that,depending on your point of view,may be bad.The longer you smoke,the greater the chance the nicotine will reduce the level of sperm you produce.Thus,even if you do manage ejaculation,you may not become a father.As an aside,the risk of infertility is significantly greater if you smoke cannabis.

The drugs like cialis used to treat erectile dysfunction are vasodilators,i.e.they encourage the walls of your arteries to dilate.If the walls have been damaged by smoking,the drugs will not work well or at all.This should all be news encouraging you never to smoke or,if you have the habit,to quit immediately.The risks to your health are not worth the short-term pleasure you get from the nicotine.There are products to help you quit and counseling can help support you through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.If you find yourself craving,think of the potential loss of sex as the price you may pay for lighting the next cigarette.Cialis is good and will keep you going for a while but,in the end,impotence will catch you out.

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