Tips for Cancer Patients

Here are some tips to help you with self-care.

1. Healthy Diet and Hydration
Try eating plant proteins (mushrooms,legumes,beans) which are easier to digest than meats.

2. Ask For Help
Hang up your Superwoman suit,because you may not have the energy or stamina to get through treatment alone.You can authorize someone else to pick up your medications at the pharmacy, and ask for help with cooking meals,picking up groceries,and cleaning house.It's okay to ask for medications to help alleviate side effects,and if you have health insurance.

3. Exercise Your Body
Gentle exercise during treatment,such as regular walks,can help you avoid anemia by increasing your oxygen capacity and supporting your red blood cell count.Getting your circulation going may also help with chemobrain,and it can certainly improve your mood and your outlook on life.Try yoga,tai chi,swimming or water aerobics.

4. Getting Away from It All
Treatment for breast cancer is given in cycles, so you can plan on having a break at regular intervals.Having a planned treat will give you something to look forward to when you're recovering from a recent treatment.

5. Get Spiritual Help
You are more than a body with a problem you have feelings,thoughts and a spirit.If you belong to a faith group,do ask for prayers,positive energy,encouraging phone calls or visits,or a pastoral visit when you can't get out.Make your own prayers,or borrow the prayers written by others.

6. Express Yourself
Here's what you can do with the cavalcade of emotions that come with diagnosis and treatment instead of letting them control you,get them out so you can deal with them! Talk out or write out your feelings get a purse-sized spiral notebook and jot down the date

7. Pick Your Battles Carefully
Going through the cancer journey takes lots of energy,and if you're working,raising a family,or pursuing a dream, you already have quite a few challenges.Set some priorities for yourself,put survival near the top.Breast cancer treatment can consume as many hours as a part-time job.

8. Take Care of Your Skin and Hair
Treatment can be very drying to your skin,so take extra good care of it.When bathing,use moisturizing soap, and blot your skin gently with towels (don't rub).Give your skin a treat with moisturizers, especially on your face, before applying makeup foundation.Use extra protection from the sun.If you still have hair,use mild shampoo,and if your hair is coming back in,try using shampoos made for damaged hair

9. Gather Your Posse Get Support
You don't have to go through treatment alone you can ask family,friends,coworkers, professionals,healthcare team,survivors,and other patients for support.Coworkers can help by driving you to the clinic,or taking notes during a meeting you miss,or by listening when you're having a bad day.

10. Keep Records,Be Educated,Ask Lots of Questions
Take control of as much as you can during treatment,understand as much as you can.Ask for copies of your test results,and keep a notebook of all of them.Save receipts from your clinic and hospital visits.learn as much as you can about your diagnosis and treatment.Ask every question that comes to your mind,and keep notes of (or tape record) the answers.

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