It's All In The Mind

When you bring everything down to simple plumbing,the whole question of erectile dysfunction gets easier to understand.It's all to do with pumps and valves.When the arteries dilate,the blood flows into the penis.As it swells,the pressure shuts off the veins that would drain the blood out and,before you can say Jack Robinson (sometimes say it several times),you have an erection.If the problem is with the plumbing,the little blue pill is effective and dilates the right arteries.And,in the majority of cases,the problem is with the plumbing,so it's easily fixed. Unfortunately,the plumbing system sits in a building and there can be problems with the owner.For the whole thing to work,the owner has to want it to work.He has to want to respond to the sexual stimulation.Erections do not happen by accident.They reflect the mind.

This brings the bad news.If the cause of the erectile dysfunction is psychological,trying to rely on the little blue pill is not only a waste of time,it is also going to add a new layer of performance anxiety to the man's list of problems.The truth is that if a man is seriously depressed or has gone through an extremely stressful situation,there may be no enthusiasm for sex.Now add in all the other possibilities, like there are religious or cultural reasons why the man might find the idea of sex inappropriate or distasteful,and the likelihood of an erection recedes into the distance.Worse,suppose the man has been sexually abused or his first experiences with a woman left his self-confidence shattered.If the mind and the body cannot work together,sexual relationships are not going to be a success.

For once,it's actually more appropriate to talk about love rather than sex which tends to be the more mechanical form.When two people are in love,they are more relaxed and the relationship develops more naturally.There is more trust and fewer inhibitions.When the man is depressed,trust in self is lost.The antidepressants often have impotence as a side effect.So therapy rather than drugs is the better route.Once therapy begin to lift the depression and change attitudes towards sex,there will be a time to buy viagra. Self-knowledge and understanding can help someone back into a relationship.Assuming that the partner is still willing,an active sex life can be resumed.In its own right,this decision needs to be planned.Performance anxiety needs to be addressed and viagra is a reliable drug to produce the erection once the mind is willing.Not everyone can recover from a depression and still make the relationship work.But once trust begins to return,the chances are good.

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